Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that has proven very beneficial to individuals suffering from acute and chronic bone and soft tissue injuries. It is one of the most used treatments in the sports industry and now is being used by everyday people. Why has it become so popular? 

What Is PRP in Calgary?

The basis of PRP is produced from a person’s own blood. Inside a blood cell is a concentration known as platelets, which circulate through the blood and help with preventing blood clotting. But more specifically, platelets, alongside liquid plasma, is required for healing the body. 

In order to get the PRP, the blood is put into a centrifuge (a tool that separates the blood into its many components). At the end of the cycle, the platelet-rich plasma is separated, collected and ready to be used. 

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PRPs are delivered through injections. With the use of an ultrasound, the medical professional can narrow down the location where the treatment needs to be injected. They are injected into the injured area of tissue (such as a tendon or ligament) or the bone. Once the injection is given, the patient needs some time to recover before undertaking a rehabilitation exercise program. 

What Are The Benefits Of PRP in Calgary? 

There are several benefits that come with PRP in Calgary that can help you in the long-run, including: 

  • The Platelet-Rich Plasma uniquely triggers the body to heal itself, so it will improve muscles and ligaments that are in pain. It also helps with enhancing healing around soft tissue and bone, muscle regeneration and improving tendon strength.
  • It addresses the root cause of pain and provides long term benefits, as opposed to short-term benefits that come with regular pain medication methods (such as pills). It also helps with acute and chronic tendon problems. 
  • PRP is an effective therapy to speed healing time, ensuring that you can recover quicker than ever before.  
  • It can be used as a preventative measure to stop injuries. If used alongside other ongoing treatments such as prolotherapy and acupuncture in Calgary, it can dramatically improve healing over the long-term. 

Getting PRP in Calgary

PRP treatment in Calgary is very safe and helps reduce the need for pain medications. You will better handle any acute or chronic pain you are facing, while not having to take any more medications. Book your appointment with a functional medicine expert in Calgary today. 

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