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5 Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy has been used for decades to deliver vital vitamins, nutrients, and treatments directly into the bloodstream. Taking this direct delivery approach, IV treatments can bypass the digestive system and become available for immediate use by the body, making IV therapy one of the most efficient and effective treatment methods available today.  

IV and IV Vitamin therapy have a number of beneficial uses in both conventional and naturopathic medicine, used in everything from treatments for chronic diseases to supporting general health. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits of IV therapy.

Combats the Effects of Stress on the Body

The demands we face in our daily lives sometimes make it difficult for us to get the vitamins and nutrients we need to achieve both physical and mental wellness. A lack of proper nutrition is a major contributor to stress, which can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies alike. IV therapy provides your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to counter both the symptomatic and chemical causes of stress in a way that can be immediately absorbed. Using specialized vitamin blends and mineral infusions, IV vitamin therapy can help combat some of the effects of stress and get our bodies back on the path to wellness. 

Helps Balance the Immune and Endocrine Systems

Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and stress can all take their toll on your immune and endocrine systems. This, in turn, makes you more susceptible to illnesses and endocrine disorders including diabetes, osteoporosis, low testosterone levels, and obesity. With these systems being significantly influenced by what we eat and take into our bodies, IV drip therapy can act as an effective solution to balance out our immune and endocrine systems. Delivering potent doses of vitamins such as Vitamin C, which is renowned for helping fight off illnesses, IV therapy helps your body protect itself against illnesses and minimize the chances of developing an endocrine disorder.  

Helps Support a Range of Neurological Conditions and the Body During Cancer Treatments 

Building on the last benefit, IV Vitamin therapy can also be used to increase the effectiveness of medications and treatments, including cancer treatments, while decreasing the side effects of such treatments and improving your body’s overall health. High doses of Vitamin C, i.e. at levels administered through IV therapy, act as a powerful antioxidant that can support a compromised immune system and protect it from illnesses that would otherwise hamper essential treatments. Moreover, IV vitamin therapy blends can help protect and support the nervous system in patients suffering from neurological disease by balancing out some of the toxins known to cause neurological damage.  

Helps Fight Chronic Infections

IV Vitamin therapy and other IV treatments, such as IV Glutathione infusions, are commonly used as a treatment for chronic infections. In fact, IV drip therapy is something your naturopathic doctor might recommend as a treatment for chronic diseases like Lyme disease and Chron’s disease. The reason behind IV therapy’s effectiveness when fighting chronic infections and diseases is that it boosts your body’s natural defense mechanisms. By supplying it with the necessary hydration and nutrition, IV drip therapy helps your body maintain the optimal state required to mitigate the symptoms of and treat chronic infections.

Improves Overall Health, Beauty, Athletic Performance, and Energy Levels

Whether we’re working out at the gym, training for our next marathon, or simply living our regular lives, what we do and the environment around us has a tremendous effect on our body. IV Vitamin therapy can help quickly replenish hydration and nutrients lost to sweating, thus helping our bodies recover from exercise quicker and improving athletic performance.

In terms of beauty, air pollutants and other irritants present in modern environments have been proven to speed up the development of free radicals in our bodies, which leads to skin aging and tissue damage. Unlike conventional skincare products, IV drip therapy delivers potent antioxidants that specifically target free radicals and naturally reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. All of this and more contribute to better overall health and a healthier, happier you.

IV Therapy in Calgary

IV therapy offers an abundance of benefits to suit a variety of different needs. If you’re in the Calgary area, contact Calgary Integrative Medicine to find out more about how our IV Vitamin therapies can benefit you and book your consultation today.

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