What You Need To Know

A full intake will be conducted to explore the entirety of your health. From blood work, to physical exams and truly taking the time to listen to your health concerns, we can get to the root of the problem and create long term, sustainable health solutions- not just Band-Aids. Your first visit with our Naturopathic Doctor is one hour in length. The first visit is an information gathering visit to identify all possible health concerns, and decide which blood work to run, if any. You may or may not be sent home with a treatment on the first visit. If you’re coming for prolotherapy, a treatment can be done on the same day.

IV therapy is a very comfortable treatment. You will feel the initial poke of the needle, then a slightly cool sensation as the IV runs. Once you are set up, the IV shouldn’t burn, ache or be uncomfortable. You can kick back and relax with a cup of tea and watch a movie. IVs take anywhere from 30mins- 2 hours, depending on what you are coming for.

If you’re coming in for IVs, you can help make the process easier by eating prior to the infusion, making sure that you’re well hydrated and that you are warm. The clinic provides tea, hot pack, water and blankets. Feel free to bring a book if you would like to catch up on your latest novel. Not everyone can get IV therapy. You will need to get an initial consult done first, then blood work to assess if IVs are safe for you to do.

Prolotherapy solutions that cause non-surgical joint repair. Prolotherapy is a dextrose and lidocaine solution. The solution is injected into the affected joint.

Prolotherapy is not pain free, but a small needle is used along with some freezing which makes it pretty close to pain free. You will feel the poke of the needle and some pressure when the fluid is injected. After the injections your joint will feel full, heavy and frozen. When the freezing wears off, you will experience pain for approximately 24-48 hours as your joint heals. You are unable to do activity on the treated joint for up to 2 weeks for best results.

Initial Naturopathic visit $250

Initial Naturopathic Oncology visit $250 

Standard Follow up with your Naturopathic Doctor $130-170

Prolotherapy $130-250 depending on treatment and amount to be treated.

IV therapy $140-250 depending on type

Acupuncture: $130-160

Metabolic Balance $1500

Yes. We direct bill to most companies. We do NOT direct bill IV’s or injections.

We currently offer Lyme disease testing from several different labs including Igenics, Armin Labs and DNA connections.

Currently, Metabolic Balance is the most successful weight loss program in the world. Why we love it is because it is much more than a weight loss program. The diet is based on your full medical history, comprehensive blood work, medications, goals and food preferences. The result is a fully customized diet that will decrease inflammation, balance hormones, improve chronic diseases and in some cases, allow people to reduce pharmaceutical medications. 

The first step is to make an appointment at the clinic. In the first visit, we conduct your medical intake, take weight and measurements as well as fasting blood work.  You will also get to select your food preferences at this appointment. When your blood work and plan arrive (usually less than a week), you will return to the clinic to review your plan. Our team will walk you through exactly how to eat, when to eat and how much to eat, based on your program. You will then visit the clinic weekly for check in’s and support!