Motif laser removal

Motif Laser Hair Removal: Fast, Effective, Pain-Free

Looking for an efficient and long-lasting hair removal solution? People have been relying on conventional hair removal methods for centuries, yet these short-term solutions tend to require a fair amount of time and aren’t exactly painless. Motif Laser Hair Removal offers a safe, comfortable, and effective alternative that gets rid of unwanted body hair permanently in just a few sessions.




What is Motif Laser Hair Removal?


Motif is a patented hair removal technology that has rapidly become the modern-day gold standard for laser hair removal. Offering one of the most effective hair removal solutions to date, Motif laser hair removal uses a combination of radiofrequency waves and light energy to thermally eliminate hair while protecting the surrounding skin. Motif technology is designed to be both highly effective and safe, utilizing several different systems to deliver concentrated and controlled pulses of therapeutic heat that damage hair follicles and prevent future growth.


One such system is the patented active dermal monitoring system. This tracks skin changes to ensure laser requirements are more accurately calculated, resulting in a safer and more comfortable treatment. Additionally, Motif technology incorporates an Intelligent Feedback System to further guarantee that the right amount of radiofrequency energy is being delivered, regardless of skin fluctuations. All of this and more means that Motif is suitable for practically all skin and hair types and can be safely used on any part of the body.



How Does Motif Laser Hair Removal Work?


The Motif laser hair removal system harnesses proprietary technology to pinpoint hair follicles and deliver accurate, controlled laser pulses that eliminate targeted hair follicles and prevent future growth. To provide comfort and protect the skin throughout the hair removal process, each laser pulse is accompanied by a cooling burst. The cooling burst cools the sapphire laser tip down to around 5°C, resulting in a virtually pain-free treatment that allows you to return to your regular routine almost immediately.  



What to Expect from Motif?


Motif laser hair removal is effective on both light and dark hair, though removing light-colored hair typically requires more treatments. As for the number of treatment sessions you’ll require, this depends on the area and amount of hair to be removed and is something your treatment specialist will be able to advise you on. Your treatment specialist may also give you a list of things to prepare before your first laser session. The treatment sessions themselves can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour and you should expect to see noticeable results after two or three sessions.



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