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Relieve Chronic Pain With Massage Therapy

While we often think about massage as a way to relax and unwind, massage therapy has been used for millennia to treat a wide variety of health conditions. Today, massage therapy plays a significant role in many pain management approaches, including for chronic pain. How massage therapy helps relieve chronic pain can vary from patient to patient but, in general, massage therapy can help relieve chronic pain by increasing blood and lymph circulation, and relaxing and normalizing muscle tissues around the affected area. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these entails.

Increasing Blood and Lymph Circulation

With localized chronic pain comes inflammation. This inflammation is caused by a decrease in blood flow to the affected area triggered by your body’s natural response to protect it. While your body means well, this decrease in blood flow can result in a lack of oxygen and an increase of toxins in the affected area, causing symptoms such as fatigue and increased pain.

A combination of the manipulation of muscle tissue and the chemicals your body releases as part of its natural relaxation response, massage therapy for chronic pain relief is known to improve blood and lymph circulation. This, in turn, improves the delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to muscles, improves cellular health, and helps muscle tissues function better. The improved circulation also aids in lymphatic drainage, the removal of waste products, and helps reduce inflammation in the muscle tissues. This overall reduction in inflammation reduces chronic pain symptoms and helps restore mobility to the affected area.

Relaxing and Normalizing Muscle Tissues

When muscles tense and tighten up to protect sensitive areas, they can sometimes compress the nerves around them. This can lead to discomfort, numbness, and, of course, chronic pain if the muscles stay tense for long periods. Massage therapy for pain relief helps relax these tense muscles, releasing these compressed nerves and allowing them to continue receiving the proper nutrients and functioning as normal.

Connective tissues can sometimes also get stuck to tense muscles due to poor circulation, interfering with regular movement and restricting a patient’s range of motion. This then contributes to lower activity levels, which can ultimately worsen chronic pain symptoms. Massage therapy for chronic pain provides relief by stretching and loosening muscles and any connective tissues that may be stuck to them, freeing them up and normalizing their function. What’s more, relaxing tense muscles and decreasing inflammation through massage therapy can also enhance the body’s self-healing processes, speeding up recovery from injuries and providing long-lasting relief from chronic pain.

Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain In Calgary

If you’re looking for massage therapy for chronic pain relief in Calgary, look no further than Calgary Interactive Medicine. Our well-trained and passionate massage therapists are dedicated to helping our clients feel their best and offer more than just an average massage. In addition to helping you relax, we aim to deliver therapeutic benefits that serve as an effective part of your personalized pain management plan.

Whether you’re looking to combat muscle tension, everyday stress, or a chronic disease, Calgary Integrative Medicine offers effective and natural functional treatments that heal from the inside out. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to wellness today.  

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