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4 Functional Medicine Treatments That Target Pain and Inflammation

If you suffer from chronic pain or inflammation in your ligaments and joints, it can be difficult to find a pain relief method that works and doesn’t cause more damage. Traditional analgesics can weaken the liver and lead to other unwanted side effects. Functional medicine is a holistic and natural approach to health and wellness. While some may think of functional medicine as being strictly preventative, there are a number of treatments that can effectively target pain and decrease inflammation.

#1. Try Prolotherapy/PRP Treatments

Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are non-surgical repair procedures that involve the precise injection of either a dextrose solution or the platelet-rich portion of your plasma into the affected area. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or a recent injury, PRP treatments in Calgary can stimulate your body’s repair mechanisms, allowing you to heal, regenerate and get on the road to a pain-free life.

#2. Get Pain Relief Through Massage Therapy in Calgary

Therapeutic massage is an effective addition to your personalized pain management plan. For pain relief without pills, look for a clinic that offers functional medicine and massage therapy in Calgary. Whether you’re looking to combat muscle tension, chronic pain, or find relief from everyday stress, professional massage therapy can help you reach your desired results of ultimate pain relief.

#3. Medical Marijuana Can Help With Pain Relief

Medical marijuana falls under the category of functional medicine in Calgary and can be extremely useful in targeting pain in addition to the damaging effects of anxiety and depression. The difference between medical marijuana and the cannabis products sold elsewhere is that we can give you a prescription for a marijuana strain that caters to your specific needs.

#4. Visit a Calgary Acupuncture Clinic For Relief From Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is a functional medicine method that has been around for thousands of years. If chronic pain is getting in the way of living your day to day life, acupuncture in Calgary might be the answer for effective and drug-free pain relief.

Calgary Integrative Medicine provides long-term, sustainable health solutions. We aim for the root cause when treating symptoms and our methods are known to improve quality of life. From pain management to anti-aging and chronic illness treatment, at Calgary Integrative Medicine, we want to get you on the road to healing and recovery. Give us a call at (403) 202-7272 or send an email to

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