Hormone replacement therapy

How to Know if You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feeling tired, sad, or just not like yourself? It’s time to listen to your body and get the treatment you need to feel your best. Check out these signs that you need hormone replacement therapy Calgary.


Your Energy Levels are Low Before Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feeling tired and exhausted throughout the day is one of the most common signs of hormone imbalance. People often blame fatigue on growing older, but ageing doesn’t have to leave you exhausted all the time. Hormone replacement therapy is a type of functional medicine that can help you feel energized.



You Aren’t Sleeping Well without Functional Treatment

Hormones that are out of balance can contribute to insomnia in both men and women. Because sleep is rejuvenating and is so vital for maintaining a proper hormone balance, the lack of sleep creates a vicious cycle. Anti-ageing therapy can break this cycle and help you sleep better.


Depression and Moodiness Prior to Anti-Aging Therapy

Estrogen and testosterone impact the brain; if levels get out of whack, it can lead to symptoms of depression and moodiness. Anti-depressants don’t always work because the problem is often a hormone imbalance as opposed to clinical depression. Hormone replacement therapy restores hormones to optimal levels to relieve the symptoms of depression.


Lack of Sexual Desire without Hormone Replacement Therapy Calgary

Hormones, particularly testosterone, play an important role in increasing sexual desire. Functional medicine can optimize testosterone levels to benefit the libido and improve sexual desire, mood, and energy.


Pair Hormone Replacement with Botox Calgary and Other Anti-Aging Therapies

If any of the above symptoms sound familiar, talk to a health care provider about hormone replacement therapy Calgary. While you’re at the clinic, you can also ask about other anti-ageing treatments, like Botox.

Don’t let ageing slow you down. Get the anti-ageing therapy you need to look and feel your best.



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