Why Pro Athletes Are Using Prolotherapy For Their Recoveries

What do Steph Curry, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez and Rafael Nadal have in common? Apart from being superstars in their respective sports, won plenty of trophies and made millions of dollars, they have all suffered severe injuries. 

And in a bid to aid their recovery, they have undergone prolotherapy. Its therapeutic effects have proven beneficial for many superstars – as well as regular everyday people who like to keep fit. 

Here is how taking this procedure has aided their recovery and helped them get back on the field quicker. And how you can benefit the same.

What kind of Sports injuries does Prolotherapy in Calgary treat?

Prolotherapy calgary

Prolotherapy in Calgary can treat a range of different injuries from major contact sports, including chronic overuse injuries, sprains and strains and minor tears. Its range of treatments means it can help athletes involved in different sports, including golf, tennis, NFL, football and more. Anything from throwing the ball or kicking it to facing high-intense impacts on the field, prolotherapy can help you with all of it. 

Prolotherapy in Calgary Helps with High-Grade Injuries

Most significantly, prolotherapy helps manage and reduce the symptoms that come with high-grade injuries, such as connective tissue tears in ligaments and tendons. The injection will accelerate the healing process, decreasing pain and aiding a faster recovery. This can be especially useful for injuries, such as medial collateral ligament, knee meniscus, labrum tears, tendinopathies, and rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder.

Early Treatment of Prolotherapy in Calgary means fewer issues elsewhere  

The earlier these injections are administered, the better. Not only does it aid with the recovery, but it reduces the chain reaction of other injuries occurring elsewhere. In many cases, one joint pain progressing to another, further delaying and compromising performance and recovery. It is why it best to get it earlier rather than later. 

There is Downtime after Prolotherapy in Calgary

As mentioned, prolotherapy in Calgary aids with recovery, which also means reduced downtime for athletes. They can quickly get back to their regular training and feel better in the long-term. This change of approach can prove worthwhile for many people, as instead of the usual timeframe of recovery (say 3-6 weeks for a sprain, 3-6 months for tendon or ligament damage), they will back in training in no time. 

So next time you feel like becoming one of the stars, follow their treatment process and consider getting prolotherapy in Calgary

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